Terms of Use

§ 1 Scope of Service

On the participation portal you can inform yourself about the activities in your region, design them, take part in them and exchange ideas. The platform is operated by XY.

develoop GmbH acts within the scope of this Internet platform as a host provider within the meaning of § 10 TMG. It assumes no responsibility or liability for the content provided. All services of this website are provided free of charge.

§ 2 Duties of Users

The user agrees not to violate any applicable legal provisions or any contractual provisions when using the website. In particular, he agrees that any content disseminated by him shall not infringe any rights of third parties (e.g. copyrights, patents and trademark rights). Furthermore, that the applicable criminal laws and provisions for the protection of minors are respected; in particular, that the content does not contain any racist, Holocaust denying, grossly offensive, pornographic or sexual, harmful to minors, extremist, glorifying or trivialising violence, advertising for a terrorist or extremist political association, or inciting a criminal statement.

The user indemnifies XY from any claims of third parties, which they assert against XY from violations of their rights by this user. This also includes the costs of an appropriate legal prosecution and defense. The XY reserves the right to block the user's access to its contents and the possibly existing user account as well as to involve the investigating authorities in case of justified suspicion of misuse of the website's services.

§ 3 Liability

A liability of the city of Edinburgh as well as its representatives or vicarious agents for damages exists only in the case of intent or gross negligence.

§ 4 Responsibility for contents

XY assume no responsibility for the content posted by users. The contents and information provided by the users of this service are not subject to any control by XY.

Insofar as XY provides own information and data as well as information of other providers via hyperlinks (Internet connection) on the Internet and on mobile devices, the following applies: This information and data serve solely for information purposes, without the user being able to rely on the topicality, correctness or completeness of the information. In this respect XY do not assume any warranty or liability, in particular not for direct or indirect damages, which result from the use of the information or data, which can be found on the Internet platform. In particular, XY assume no responsibility for the content or the functionality, correctness or legality of third-party websites referred to by links from the XY Internet platform.

§ 5 Contents posted by the user

The user who provides his own content (e.g. videos, photos, texts, etc.) on the website must check before providing it that the provision does not violate the special terms of use of the website.

The user who provides his own content (e.g. videos, photos, texts, etc.) agrees by providing it that the content provided may be copied, distributed and publicly reproduced free of charge on the Internet and in print. The user further declares that he/she owns all copyrights and other rights to the content provided and that he/she agrees to the publication of persons depicted on the graphic content provided (e.g. videos, photos, photo series) who are not only accessories to a location or part of depicted meetings, elevators or similar events. In the case of persons under the age of 18, the consent of their legal guardian applies.

XY reserves the right to reject, block or remove content provided. The user has no legal claim to publication.

The provided contents are personal statements of the users and do not represent the opinion of XY.

§ 6 Processing and deletion of contributions

XY are entitled to block contributions of a user without indication of reasons and without observance of periods, as well as to delete texts and pictorial material. This applies in particular, but not exclusively, to non-compliance with the above obligation (§ 2).

XY make use of their virtual house right to remove users and contributions that are not in the sense of XY.

§ 7 Personal data of the users

The user assures that the personal data entered are true and complete. The user agrees that his data will be registered with XY and stored electronically in compliance with the relevant data protection regulations. XY will use the personal data exclusively for the purposes necessary for the proper use of the platform, maintain data secrecy and obligate its employees accordingly, as far as this is required by law. Usage profiles are not created.

The user has the right at any time to revoke his consent to the use of his personal data. In addition to the transmission of inventory data in accordance with § 14 TMG, the transmission of usage data within the meaning of § 15 TMG is also permitted for the provision of information by specialist consultants within the framework of the communication platform, insofar as the transmission of the data is required for the consulting service. Users and consultants are required to limit their data exchange to the scope and content required for effective project processing. User profiles are not created.

§ 8 Final clauses

XY reserves the right to make changes and additions to these terms of use. In particular, XY reserves the right to adapt and expand the purpose of this platform. Changes will be published here. Therefore, please check these terms of use regularly. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. This also applies to the registration of users from other countries. Place of jurisdiction is, as far as legally permissible, the seat of the XY.

In addition, the following rules apply to ensure a lively, interesting and constructive dialogue:

  • If you object to an article or comment, please only criticize its contents and do not attack the author. Insults have no place in discussions.

  • Discrimination and defamation of other participants and social groups on the basis of their religion, origin, nationality, disability, income, sexual orientation, age or gender are expressly prohibited.

  • Slander and statements that damage business or reputation must not be disseminated.

  • Advertising and other commercial contents have no place in the discussions.

  • Personal and personal data of others may not be published by you.

  • You must own the rights to distribute the content you publish. If you reproduce third-party content, make sure that it is released for distribution.

  • Quotations must be clearly marked as such.

  • Links will be removed if the linked content violates the rules listed here.

  • If comments violate our rules, they will be removed or shortened accordingly. Comments that do not contribute constructively to the discussion and thus interfere will also be removed.

  • Discussions will be terminated if they have moved too far away from the original topic, or if the majority of comments violate our rules.

  • Access by participants who repeatedly violate our Terms of Use will be denied.

Terms of Use Pinboard

  • The pinboard may not be used for commercial purposes.

  • Only items that are to be given away, lent free of charge, shared or exchanged may be entered on the pinboard.

  • We assume no liability for the content of the pinboard, especially not for the accuracy of the information and no liability for the quality and the functionality or usability of the offered items. We only provide the internet platform for the pinboard.

  • Entries, which run contrary to the goal of the pin board or the conditions of use, are deleted.

  • Commercial, commercial entries or advertising entries will be deleted. The operator also reserves the right to exclude from publication entries whose content violates applicable law or morality or damages the reputation of this service.

  • User condition: Ten weeks after publication, pinboard entries under "exchange, share, give, help" will be deleted in order to keep offers and requests up to date. Under "borrow" the period of publication can be chosen independently.

  • By using the pinboard, all participants automatically accept these conditions. Die Pinnwand darf nicht für kommerzielle Zwecke verwendet werden.